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API to create entries in wiktionary

I am looking for an API with documentation for writing entries in Wiktionary. I wish to create entries for new words from a local database. Preferably in python
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Is there a way to import bilingual wordlists from wiktionary, omegawiki or wordnet online?

I would like to import bilingual wordlists from wiktionary, omegawiki or wordnet but without using php, python, mysql beacuse I am not an expert in this tehnologies. I would like to query it online or ...
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Code editor, or editor plugin, that can highlight and prettify wikitext

The source code for templates in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and all MediaWiki is usually written in a congealed lump like this: <includeonly>{{#if:{{{2|}}}|[[{{{1}}}#{{{2}}}]]|[[{{{1}}}]]}} - [http:...
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Linux terminal interface/Software for Wiktionary

Basically, I want approximately the same output as below for german words. I haven't found any databases fitting to use with the "dict" protocol/program. Therefore, I thought I'd have the best ...
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Offline English–German dictionary for GNU/Linux

I am looking for an offline English–German bilingual dictionary which works on GNU/Linux. I am currently aware of a couple such dictionaries, though both of them have significant problems: elcombri ...
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