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Software that targets Wikimedia Foundation sites like Wiktionary, Wikipedia, Wikiquote, etc.

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What libraries are available for interacting with Wikipedia, Wikidata, or MediaWiki in Ruby?

What libraries are available for interacting with Wikipedia, Wikidata, or other MediaWiki servers in the Ruby programming language? I can search GitHub for recently updated repositories with this ...
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To sync a desktop wiki software with a MediaWiki wiki

Is there a desktop wiki software that can be sync on a MediaWiki wiki (private)? I have my own wiki, hosted in a wikifarm, and I was wondering if I could use a desktop wiki software as a local editor....
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Recommendations for a visual Wikipedia table editor?

I am looking for a visual Wikipedia table editor that generates the markup code to be placed directly into a Wikipedia page. Requirements: Offline support Chrome app or native Linux (Ubuntu) app ...
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Can you recommend a MediaWiki extension for visualizing the Wiki's links?

I'm preparing to launch a Wiki. Now, at the beginning, it is quite important for me to visualize how the the first pages I add are connected to each other. I found an extension called WikiViz that ...
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Wikipedia offline explorer recommendations

I have been using XOWA all these while. But there are other explorers as well (see here). The thing I like about XOWA is that its rendering is impeccable. But the downside is that it needs too much ...
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Wikipedia viewer linux online customizable

I need a Wikipedia viewer that can fetch articles from Wikipedia and display them as styled by the user. That is, it should use a stylesheet (a settings window is also fine) to display the content in ...
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Scrape / Extract Wikipedia Category Taxonomies into UI

I would like to know how to build a visual taxonomy tree from the categories on Wikipedia as a seed; are there any existing tools which might be able to be used in order to extract this type of ...
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Google Chrome extension for MediaWiki / WikiMedia notifications

Not so long ago the official WikiMedia wikis introduced a notification feature. You'll see a little box to the right of your username at the top of the page when you're logged in. It will turn red ...
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Wikimedia projects offline explorer alternative to Wikitaxi?

I use Wikitaxi to take and explore Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. offline. It has many good features compared to wget like mirrored versions of Wikimedia projects: single ...
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