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Self Hosted Whiteboard for collaboration

I'm looking for a whiteboard tool similar to PureRef or Miro. Minimal requirements: ability to create multiple whiteboards zoom in/out easy online realtime collaboration Browser/web tool or Desktop ...
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Best, free and multiplatform screen annotation software

I am looking for multiplatform desktop screen annotation software (not communicator or screen recorder). I am conducting lectures on multiple platforms, like Windows or macOS. Recently, I was ...
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Real-time whiteboard synchroniser between Android and Desktop

As COVID-19 forced millions to set up their home office, I still feel the absence of a simple whiteboard is one of the biggest barriers in Zoom, Team or Slack... whatever name you. So I wondered if ...
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Collaborative Whiteboard

I used AwwApp for a long time but around a week ago it has been shut down in favor of Miro which, however, requires a registration. So I am searching for a replacement with the following features: no ...
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Issues finding white board program

I have been desperately looking for a white board program to write up class notes. I found that I really like Microsoft white board but it is very strange. I cannot access the white board files in ...
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Whiteboard software recomendation for teaching Physics online

I'm looking for a good digital whiteboard software to teach Physics online. I currently use Microsoft Whiteboard, and I find it quite convenient except when it comes to making drawings and diagrams. ...
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Online whiteboard

I am looking for a collaborative online whiteboard like with the following feature: If I insert an image (for example a jpg file), and draw on it, I want to be able to erase my ...
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Digital whiteboard software?

I'm having issues keeping things organized. I have notebooks, calendar reminders, etc, but none of them do me any good, because if I am not looking at them, I kind of forget about them. What I ...
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Touch-friendly whiteboard

I have a touch screen that would make a great smart board, but I haven't been able to find the software to make this happen. There are several websites with great features but browsers don't let ...
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Whiteboard iPad app to interactively teach/hold a lecture

I will teach children for a week, in a room that only has a projector. No whiteboard or blackboard. I am therefore looking for the best application for an iPad that I can use to draw on interactively, ...
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Offline collaborative whiteboard/sketchboard

I'm looking for an offline/self-host collaborative whiteboard/sketchboard software to use on my company. We have a need for it to be off the internet since we do some fun excursions sometimes. ...
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Web based tool: 2D board to indicate client status

I've been using a whiteboard to visualize client relation status. ________________Good______________ | | | | | | | | ...
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Online white-boarding tool for diagrams and software design sessions

I used to work with Dabbleboard as a white-boarding tool across teams. It was a great tool, but was taken down for some reason. Is anyone hosting anything like it? I found Dabbleboard really easy to ...
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Looking for a collaborative whiteboard app

I would like to share my situation with you: I want to a teach geographically-distanced person some mathematics. I've been trying to explain things over the phone, but I feel that visual explanations ...
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Real time interactive whiteboard for tutoring math

I ran this for a month on Math Educators, with no good answers. I'm now reposting here. I'm looking for a web app for tutoring math remotely to high school and junior high kids that ideally has the ...
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