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Windows software for blocking specific website for a specific program (other than web browser)

I would like to ask for recommendations for a Windows software that can restrict a specific program from accessing a specific website, such as YouTube, while allowing other programs to access it. ...
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Parental internet filtering software that can block specific content rather than just whole domain names

All of the parental internet filtering software I'm aware of seems to be based around blocking entire domain names. So that's an easy problem to solve. However I'm trying to find internet filtering ...
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Web content filter (including HTTPS)

Small business looking for a content filter that prevents employees from going to non work related websites. We have been using Kerio WinRoute Firewall until now, but we it does not support filtering ...
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Add-on to block websites on Ubuntu Web Browser (Epiphany)

I need an extension or add-on for the Ubuntu web browser (the browser which is provided by Ubuntu other than Firefox) to block some websites in my Ubuntu 14.04. I need an add-on like the 'Leech Block'...
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Free software to block Windows software in certain hours

I would like to block certain software (e.g. Outlook and browsers) outside hours that I dedicate for checking emails and browsers. It is like a parental control software for myself but I do not need ...
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Blocking websites only on specific wifi networks

Hello does anyone know any software for windows which can block websites on specific wifi networks?
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desktop software to block websites across web browsers and web browser profiles (some other requirements mentioned here)

i'm looking for desktop software to block websites across web browsers and web browser profiles. I tried and it works across web browsers and in all chrome web browser profiles, ...
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Blocking websites per user

I need to block specified websites, but each user should get his own rules, for example: John cannot access Facebook Alex can access Facebook, but cannot access Youtube The boss can access everything....
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