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Server SSL, routing and container management in a single management application

As per the title: Server SSL, routing and container management in a single management application Does something like this exist? Typically I would manage this using AWS Certificate Manager, ...
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Software to upload files automaticalled to a server from a NAS hard drive

I have a hard drive that is connected as a NAS, it records CCTV footage 24x7. I want the contents of the dive to be uploaded on to a hosting server which I have with GoDaddy. The NAS drive is ...
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Open Source Linux Web Hosting Panel with core support

I'm looking for a good hosting panel for linux server that supports core websites. i have few php and core websites and i want to host them into my vps. for example Ajenti is good ...
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Virtual host control system for PHP websites

I need a tool that will allow automatically configure and start apache or nginx virtual hosts for users based on their username from my custom web application. We have a lot of students that at some ...
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Alternative to cPanel (With File Manager) [duplicate]

I am going to be hosting my website on my personal server. What are some good alternatives to cPanel? I have looked at some (Webmin, etc.) and none seem to have a decent online file manager.
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PHP Framework to build a web hosting control panel on?

Can someone recommend a lightweight, but powerful, PHP framework that I can build a custom web hosting control panel on? I have looked at CodeIgniter3, but is that a good choice?
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Free software web hosting control panel (alternative to cPanel/Plesk)

I need to manage a server, common task are: Create virtual apache servers Create FTP accounts Create mail accounts Log monitoring Quota management I am wondering what is the best free software web-...
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