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Web browser software and web browser add-ons. If you are specifically looking for a Firefox or Chrome add-on/extension/plugin, please use the tag [firefox] or [chrome] instead.

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1 answer

Web-apps recording/replay software

I have been attempting to implement a system with my company that will record data sent over the web and make it possible to make edits to the information and replay it. It will be fine if the ...
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4 answers

Translate a web page on Android from / to English

I need a software that can help me translate web pages from English to other languages and from other languages to English. The software should Have a short way of transferring the web page data to ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Automated bookmark merging/synchronization app/addon between multiple instances of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox concurrently

Some of my family members prefer Chrome, some prefer Firefox - but either way I use both at least some of the time since as a web developer I really do have to (and MS IE which I hate); All our ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Web browser that can view page source for Android

I have used Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini but I haven't found a way to use any of these browsers to view the source of a web page. I need an Android web browser or any other software that can ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Software to cloak IP/data while browsing

I'm looking for software or a plugin that is compatible with Google Chrome or Firefox that works in conjunction with Chrome's Incognito mode or Firefox's InPrivate browsing mode so the following is ...
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Does any other browser offer Firefox's Tree Style Tab feature?

The Firefox add-on Tree Style Tab allows hierarchical tab ordering. Does any other main browser have such a feature or provide an extension for it?
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