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WAMP is an acronym for *Windows Apache MySql & PHP*. Generally used when referencing a complete development environment.

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What's a good *portable* WAMP?

I generally hand install Apache, PHP & MySql, and its a PITA every time. Now I have a fresh Windows install and want to get some development finished quickly, and don't have the luxury of time to ...
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3 answers

Share a file or web page(html would work too) to a specific person using internet

I know there are lots of methods of sharing now but I want to create a web page and publish it on the web but don't want search engines to find it.I don't even want any custom domain or any domain at ...
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2 answers

WAMP switcher (Windows Apache MySql & PHP)

I am looking for a gratis Windows app to allow me to install and switch between different versions of PHP, possibly also MySql, although that is not so important. I don't care about switching Apache. ...
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