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Questions tagged [vpn-server]

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1 answer

VPN that tunnels traffic across multiple, simultaneous connections?

Most VPNs work by establishing a single connection between the client and server and tunneling all traffic through that connection. For example, an OpenVPN client might make a TCP connection to a ...
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2 answers

How to run my own VPN on a Linux (Ubuntu) server?

I have a Linux server in my office building. I want to run a VPN server on there, so I can connect to that from my laptop and connect to the outside world from my office, regardless of where I'm ...
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0 answers

Consumer VPN Service that allows multiple devices to network with each other

Typical consumer VPN services allow devices to connect to the internet through their VPN connection. I am looking for a VPN service that in addition to providing internet access, gives me my own ...
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What software should I use to create a GUI application for authenticating and connecting a user to a server?

I am new to programming. So I created a VPS using ECS on the cloud. I'd like to create an application with the following features: Login authentication Various fields to enter server information ...
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1 answer

Bandwidth limiter from virtual network set on the dns router

I want to play video game without lag(high latency ms), my router has no qos function, and I have no condition to buy a new one. is possible to make a virtual network for managing the bandwidth, in ...
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1 answer

What is the best VPN software to watch Netflix? [closed]

It looks like Netflix continue its "hard work" to block vpn servers not only outside us... So my current vpn service started to show error while streaming netflix smth like "oops, something go wrong......
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0 answers

Software for bridging my computer and a VPS

I am not that much of a tech guy so I don't know how to call that software. Basically I am looking for a software that would bridge a connection from my VPS (which has a public IP address) to my ...
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4 votes
1 answer

VPN server and client for remote access to small business network

We currently have four Windows 8.1 and 10 computers on a small network. We're looking for a way to occasionally connect to the network from home/abroad with two users, each with their own laptops, ...
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5 votes
4 answers

VPN server on macOS High Sierra & macOS Mojave

According to this blog post by, Apple is no longer including a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. macOS Server Mojave has been gutted of nearly all the previous “Server” ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Easy-to-setup VPN server?

I want to create a small VPN server on my Windows computer, for personal use. No complex features needed. Just browsing the web from outside, using my home's IP address. Requirements: Easy to setup,...
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