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Free, web-based, open-ballot voting software

I am looking for open-ballot voting software that is free and can be self-hosted on a GNU/Linux server. Basically, I would like something that: allows the software administrators to define a voter ...
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CMS to submit contents about a topic, with voting system

Need a CMS with the following specs: Allows to upload short contents (text, HTML, JSON etc.) about specific topics. E.g. topics: [cats, dogs, birds], people can submit external links to articles or ...
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Which open source software is good for community elections?

I am part of a community organisation which holds annual leadership elections. We are a fully open organisation but currently use a closed source platform to run these elections which clearly does not ...
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Text debating and co-writing software

As part of advising an NGO, I am looking for web-based software to help them write texts, debate on them, amend them, and decide on them. There are many web applications that are very close to what ...
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A software to organize votings

I am looking for simple, easy-to-use, and if possible free software to organize votes. What I would like it to be able to do is: There should be a list of registered voters given by their email, say, ...
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Students submit questions and the questions are ranked by popularity

I am preparing to move the courses I teach online. I would like to incorporate a platform that has the following features: The students can publicly ask questions. The students can upvote (and maybe ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Free tool for survey like Google Forms, but showing answers for each respondent

There are 20 people in my group and sometimes we need to vote for several alternatives. Google Forms is an ideal tool for us except it can't show the answer for each person in our group. We need to ...
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Blogging CMS with voting and some premium-only posts

I want a CMS for blogging which users can create a new post, other users can put comments on that particular post and also rank that post. I also want to make some posts and their comments only ...
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Open-source group polling software

I'm looking for an open-source app akin to Kahoot! and Socrative, for group polling in the classroom. It'd be ideal if there was a service that would host this platform, but not required. ...
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4 answers

Web tool that allows users to submit ideas and vote on other users ideas

Just as the title states, I am looking for a web-based tool that would allow users to submit an idea to be voted upon. Additionally, all other users should be able to see all current ideas and I ...
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Tool to post topics and vote and comment, with a search feature to show if a similar topic already exists

I need a tool with reddit-like voting and sort-based-on-votes features, but also with a search option before someone posts a new thread to minimize number of duplicate topics. I have looked at kiunei ...
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How can I get computer generated content approved/edited by humans that qualify?

I'm working on a verb conjugator. The algorithm works, but sometimes their are irregular verbs. I know some programming, so I am willing to modify something to fit my needs. I don't care what ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Voting system to measure political opinion in certain topics

I am looking for a fair voting system, where more options are available, and user can select more opinion he is agree with. If more opinions are selected than the weigh of a vote should worth less. ...
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What web app for conducting polls has good support for range voting?

To my knowledge, range voting is the most optimal way to run a single-winner election or poll. Aside from being dead simple (e.g. score each choice 0-9, highest sum wins) it's staggeringly unmatched ...
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Conference proposal voting application

I'm looking for an open source conference proposal voting application that can be self-hosted. I'd love to have something like the SXSW PanelPicker, and have searched high and low and can't find ...
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1 answer

Web app for counting votes on items

I was wondering if there exists any pre-built webpage systems/web apps for keeping track of votes on items, where users can submit new items to the list in addition to voting on them. What I want is ...
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