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Questions tagged [voice-recognition]

Software which can recognize the speaker of spoken words (aka. speaker identification). Use [speech-recognition] for software that can recognize the spoken words.

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Voice recognition based subtitle synchronisation

Is there any existing software that allows me to sync an existing subtitle file to a video file based on voice recognition of its audio stream, (fuzzy) mapping it to the textual contents of the ...
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Looking for some image management that allows applying tags via voice recognition

I want an image to be displayed/selected, I want to speak keywords, and then have them applied to the image. That's pretty much it. The more I can automate it via Speaking, the better. Being able to ...
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I looking for a software package for dubbing with source voices

I'm looking for a software package for dubbing a movie. I have part 1 of the movie done by letting al the voiceovers speak every sentence in. Now we have part 2 finished but would like to dubb the ...
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Voice typing combined with special keys

I am currently using google docs to do voice typing. The documents I am typing involve a lot of mathematical notation. Whenever there is something mathematical about to be typed, such as an equation, ...
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Speech comparison engine

I need a lightweight, non-cloud library to compare speech samples with words (preferrably for English, French, German, Spanish and pther languages), written in JS or WebAssembly or compiled for JS ...
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classification of audio notes based on first few seconds

I record audio notes on my recorder, and each belongs to a certain category ("work", "parenting", "miscellaneous", etc.). At the beginning of each recording, I say the name of the category, then stay ...
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Checking if the voices in two audio files are the same

For academic purposes, I was asked to develop a software that can easily help check whether the voice in a first audio is the same as the voice in a second audio. But before I spend some precious ...
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Audio synthesizer that can perform seamless TTS editing for already spoken text

In April 2016, Adobe reported about an experimental piece of software, VoCo. Basically it's Photoshop for voices: you have a sound recording, but you're able to edit it like text, i.e. remove a word ...
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Voice-activated dialer for Android that is privacy sensitive (voice command)

Can anyone recommend a voice-activated dialer for Android that does not upload all your contacts to an external server? I want to be able to simple say "Call electrician" and have it call my ...
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Speaker recognition open source C++

Can anyone help me to find a simple open source speaker recognition project on C++? Maybe made with SAPI ( or something else. I need ...
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App for listening to kids reading text and making corrections (in real time)

How hard would it be to design an app that displays text to be read, by a child. The app listens to the child, and, makes corrections, to what they say, ad they read. Where can I find such an app? ...
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