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Calculator application allowing you to share calculations or data to Excel

I am using the standard Calculator app that comes with my Android 12 Realme 8 5G phone. In another post, I have asked for an Excel extension that allows you to plugin a keyboard with a calculator ...
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Firefox or Chrome extension that clicks on webpage links with the keyboard (no mouse involved)

I like to use a Firefox extension called Vimium. Basically, it's a way of controlling the browser with the keyboard while mimicking vim shortcuts. However, there's one functionality on it that is not ...
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Why is vim/tmux recommended over IDEs like VSC and Rubymine for Rails development? [closed]

(Sorry if this is a stupid question) I recently asked in a Rails developer slack if it was worth it to make the switch from VSC to Rubymine as I can get free subscription off Github's student ...
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VIM theme coloring Python variables and functions

I am looking for a VIM theme for python that provides coloring for variables and functions. The current theme only colors strings and special characters. Has anyone encountered a theme that provides ...
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Graphical file manager with VIM keybindings

To sort fotos quickly I like to drag 'n' drop them in a graphical file manager (currently Thunar) with previews. I'd like to have a file manager with previews/thumbnails and a vim-like interface. Vim-...
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Terminal multiplexer for vim based IDE on Ubuntu?

Which terminal multiplexer should I use for my vim based IDE? Right now I am using tmux. In overall it's quite good. However its somehow painful to get mouse based copy & paste between panes/...
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Autocomplete for ARM GCC Specific Libraries

I have been trying to find an autocomplete tool for quite some time now to no avail. Personally I would like this to work in vim but if some GUI tool can do the job then fine I will learn the GUI. ...
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Vim plugins and configuration to make it behaves and look like Sublime?

Well, I'm thinking if anyone have a working setup like that. I don't want to mimic all of Sublime's features. I need the following: syntax highlighting for C/C++, Python 3 and Lua; auto completion,...
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Vim editor with Ubuntu [closed]

I want to learn the Vim editor. Could anyone recommend me a good course on the web? Thanks in advance! P.S. I want if you could explain why it is a good course and if you learn with this course.
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Use NeoVim in collaboration with other editors in realtime?

I'm a NeoVim user and would like to be able to collaborate in real time with users of other editors, ala pair programming. I am aware of Floobits which is a proprietary system that includes plugins ...
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Linux Markdown editor that supports inline images, pandoc syntax and vim-keybindings?

I am looking for for a Markdown editor that can display inline images, is largely compatible with pandoc syntax, supports most common vim-keybindings, and runs on Linux. I am currently using gvim with ...
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Open source software to select the word under cursor and then insert it to MySQL?

I mean when I’m editing or reading in vim I need to keep some words or sentences in MySQL database automatically only by hitting a shortcut key.
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Vim plugin that explains commands as you type them

If you're running Linux and are familiar with the atc game, you probably know what I would love Vim to do. If you don't, allow me to explain. As you can see from the manpage, atc has a relatively ...
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Vim plugin to organise Python import statements

I am looking for a plugin for Vim, to organise Python import statements according to PEP 8: Imports should be grouped in the following order: standard library imports related third party imports ...
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Vim plugin for Java HTML/CSS/Javascript

As of now I am using the Vim built-in SyntaxComplete for my editing. I started my JavaEE project in Vim with Ant and went this way for a few weeks but Eclipse functionalities were lacking too much so ...
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