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12 votes
4 answers

FOSS alternative to GitHub Copilot?

Is there a FOSS (free, open source) alternative to GitHub Copilot, preferably one that can be integrated into Vim?
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Android vim keyboard associated with Android clipboard (for editing text with vim commands)

The vim text editor which runs on Linux and Windows and also under several versions such as viPlugin in several IDEs and as DroidVim under Android is great. However, it would be nice if in Android I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Firefox or Chrome extension that clicks on webpage links with the keyboard (no mouse involved)

I like to use a Firefox extension called Vimium. Basically, it's a way of controlling the browser with the keyboard while mimicking vim shortcuts. However, there's one functionality on it that is not ...
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Why is vim/tmux recommended over IDEs like VSC and Rubymine for Rails development? [closed]

(Sorry if this is a stupid question) I recently asked in a Rails developer slack if it was worth it to make the switch from VSC to Rubymine as I can get free subscription off Github's student ...
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VIM theme coloring Python variables and functions

I am looking for a VIM theme for python that provides coloring for variables and functions. The current theme only colors strings and special characters. Has anyone encountered a theme that provides ...
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Graphical file manager with VIM keybindings

To sort fotos quickly I like to drag 'n' drop them in a graphical file manager (currently Thunar) with previews. I'd like to have a file manager with previews/thumbnails and a vim-like interface. Vim-...
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Terminal multiplexer for vim based IDE on Ubuntu?

Which terminal multiplexer should I use for my vim based IDE? Right now I am using tmux. In overall it's quite good. However its somehow painful to get mouse based copy & paste between panes/...
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0 answers

Autocomplete for ARM GCC Specific Libraries

I have been trying to find an autocomplete tool for quite some time now to no avail. Personally I would like this to work in vim but if some GUI tool can do the job then fine I will learn the GUI. ...
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2 answers

Vim plugins and configuration to make it behaves and look like Sublime?

Well, I'm thinking if anyone have a working setup like that. I don't want to mimic all of Sublime's features. I need the following: syntax highlighting for C/C++, Python 3 and Lua; auto completion,...
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Vim editor with Ubuntu [closed]

I want to learn the Vim editor. Could anyone recommend me a good course on the web? Thanks in advance! P.S. I want if you could explain why it is a good course and if you learn with this course.
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0 answers

Use NeoVim in collaboration with other editors in realtime?

I'm a NeoVim user and would like to be able to collaborate in real time with users of other editors, ala pair programming. I am aware of Floobits which is a proprietary system that includes plugins ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Linux Markdown editor that supports inline images, pandoc syntax and vim-keybindings?

I am looking for for a Markdown editor that can display inline images, is largely compatible with pandoc syntax, supports most common vim-keybindings, and runs on Linux. I am currently using gvim with ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Open source software to select the word under cursor and then insert it to MySQL?

I mean when I’m editing or reading in vim I need to keep some words or sentences in MySQL database automatically only by hitting a shortcut key.
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12 votes
2 answers

Vim plugin that explains commands as you type them

If you're running Linux and are familiar with the atc game, you probably know what I would love Vim to do. If you don't, allow me to explain. As you can see from the manpage, atc has a relatively ...
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1 answer

Vim plugin to organise Python import statements

I am looking for a plugin for Vim, to organise Python import statements according to PEP 8: Imports should be grouped in the following order: standard library imports related third party imports ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Vim plugin for Java HTML/CSS/Javascript

As of now I am using the Vim built-in SyntaxComplete for my editing. I started my JavaEE project in Vim with Ant and went this way for a few weeks but Eclipse functionalities were lacking too much so ...
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