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Interacting with other people through the internet, where the parties involved can see each other via their webcams.

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33 votes
4 answers

Free/Libre voice & video chat alternative to Skype?

I don’t want to use Skype because it’s proprietary. I’m looking for an alternative that is Free/Libre (FLOSS), is available cross-platform * (at least: GNU/Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows), ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Skype alternative for Linux with counterpart for Android

I'm looking for an alternative to Skype which I can use to communicate between Linux computers as well as Android. While Skype is basically being available for both systems, I prefer something more ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Audio & Video teleconferencing program, hosted on personal PC

Given the social distancing measures put in place as of late due to COVID-19, and people's distrust of large organisations like Google having access to their data or conversations, I have spent time ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Roundtable / town hall live discussion platform

I am looking for a web-based service (either an existing third-party service, or a system I can set up on my own server) to facilitate real-time roundtable and/or town hall discussions among a ...
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3 answers

screen recorder that saves incoming audio

I am going to be joining a couple of Skype sessions and I would like to record just the screen and incoming audio. Is there an screen recorder for Skype that can record incoming audio but not outgoing ...
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2 answers

Video call to iPhone (FaceTime) via Windows, Android, or web

I want to perform a video call to someone with an iPhone. The recipient of the call has no technical skills or knowledge. They have used FaceTime on their device. I want to make the call from a ...
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