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Software used to manage changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information.

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Subversion client for Windows

I'm looking for a recommended Subversion client. The requirements are: User-friendly to be used. More than 4 people to use it. If any possible that the application is free to use. In our case, we do ...
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Passive version control for Windows

I have moved to a new position where non-programmers sometimes produce snips of code and I have been authorized to better structure their code foundation. However, before I introduce them to a ...
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Portable, real-time collaborative, multimarkdown editor, with live preview and version control integration

I'm looking for a tool, collection of tools and/or plugins, or even works-in-progress in this general direction, for this quite demanding (and possibly conflicting) set of requirements: user ...
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Ticket tracking project management workflow software

I'm looking for a piece of software that fulfills the following requirements. I've exhausted my search capabilities. Version control integration (SVN preferred) Tickets support custom fields, ...
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Client-server storage with persistent, renameable files, renaming history

Users should be allowed to... upload files rename files after upload view the renaming history of a file. User should NOT be allowed to... delete any file change the contents of any file manipulate ...
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Photography libraries software

I have bunches of photos taken during life and I have some backups of the as well (but version and contents of collections may differ unfortunately), Is there some Software system to to manage such ...
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SVN Client compatability for Windows and Mac

Starting a new business venture. I have always used VisualSVN as my SVN server and Tortoise SVN as my SVN client on Windows systems. This has always worked perfectly for me and my teams. My new ...
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SVN 1.8 Compatible Client with GUI for Ubuntu 13.10

I'm looking for an SVN GUI for Ubuntu, It needs to be compatible with SVN 1.8 as some of the office run Windows with the latest Tortoise SVN. I've tried RabbitVCS, RapidSVN and even TortoiseSVN ...
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Subversion client for Windows (similar to Versions)

I am a big fan of Versions (Subversion client for Mac OS). I'm looking for a Subversion client that can: work on Windows 7 display the number of new commits that I haven't retrieved yet on several ...
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Github-like collaboration platform [duplicate]

The place I do volunteer work for would like to switch from svn to git, and we really love the collaboration features of github. Unfortunately the $300/year cost for a private organisation account is ...
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Simple versioning for plain-text documents (Linux)

I would like to identify a simple, FOSS version control system for plain text documents. For more complex (academic) writing, I happily use LibreOffice. But increasingly I find it convenient to write ...
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What is a good newbie-friendly graphical Git client for Windows?

Personally I'd just install Cygwin and proceed with the usual *nix shell tools, but I need to make a software recommendation to some clients that need something a bit more newbie friendly. The ...
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What is a good newbie friendly graphical Git client for OS X?

Personally I'd just pop open a terminal and brew-up the usual *nix shell tools, but I need to make a software recommendation to some clients that need something a bit more newbie friendly. The ...
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Pre-merge/commit code review tool

In my previous workplace we have used Gerrit as a code review tool for git to share and review each other's modifications on a web-based interface and give feedback and a chance to improve the code ...
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Merge GUI tools for those new to merging

The other day I had to do a rather icky merge. I tried it via the command line, but was so confused that I had to use a GUI tool. I used meld, but it seems that there are others, like kdiff3. But ...
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