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for URL shorteners and software that interacts with them

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Best web ad providers for tracking exact income per user/ad?

I’m developing a service where the user will earn “credits” on my service by viewing advertisements. That being said, as such I need to be able to track the exact income they’re earning me so I can ...
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Can you recommend an URL shortener, where the short link dies after a given time from the first click?

I would like to use such an URL shortener, to somehow protect the link content.
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1 vote
0 answers

URL shortener without traffic check

I'm looking for a url shortener. The following things are important: Pay per click (high payout for one click) No traffic checks, you should also get money when the visitor of the short url uses a ...
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What link shorteners support captcha before redirect?

It seems that all link shortener service advertise themselves as no captcha require. However, I'd like to have the opposite: visitors need to click the captcha before continue. This article The Top 14 ...
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URL shortener which does not follow hyperlinks

I need a URL shortener, which does not automatically go to the URL I provided. The reason is that I am using a quizzing software, which generates a new user each time someone follows a link. So, when ...
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Firefox add-on to shorten a URL with bitly and give it a name

Firefox has a feature in which you right-click a link and it copies it to your clipboard. I am looking for something that does even more than that. With bitly you can name links, for instance you ...
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2 votes
0 answers

URL shortener for Arabic

What is a recommended web app for URL shortener in other languages, e.g. based on the Arabic alphabet? I want that because lots of English characters aren't pronouncable in other languages. Ideally ...
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3 answers

Anonymous, independent, decentralized URL shortener

I would like to use a URL shortener like oŕ, but all those services store all my data and collect a lot of personal information. Is there an independent decentralized trustworthy URL ...
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Software that can mass expand URLs

I need software that can mass (not one by one) expand shortened AdFly URLs. I’ve tried but it failed.
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0 answers

URL shortener with destination whitelist?

We recently had our custom alias (set up to ripped out of Facebook because someone used it to create a bunch of spammy posts. What shortening service and / or software is out there that ...
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2 votes
2 answers

URL shortener with good statistics

I am looking for a good URL shortener, which can be either paid/free, but I need really good statistics with clicks, geo, etc. I really like, but it has a really simple list and I don't like ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Google Chrome extension to unroll shortened URLs (like "")

I am looking for a Google Chrome extension that can unroll/expand shortened URLs like that are present on a webpage. E.g. it could expand the full URL when I hover on it: By unroll/...
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