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Graphics framework for 3D flight simulation

I'm trying to make a basic 3D visual flight simulator that displays terrain and buildings in 3D from the cockpit's perspective. I don't care about the flight physics. This project needs to be ...
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Human Motion tracking unity/android

I'm currently attempting to code an android app with AR elements. I want it to track a human going through exercises or such. I've looked into posenet and such, but was wondering if there was a way to ...
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Building a Feature Similar to Qlone

I’m trying to build a 3D scanning feature into a marker-based AR app. I’m aiming for functionality similar to the Qlone app. The user places an object on the marker and rotates it to scan. The app ...
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I want to know about the best free tutorial about making games in unity3D through C#

So, I just completed learning the basics of C#, and want to continue with learning C# coding patterns for unity3D. Is there any good complete tutorial out there that teaches game design in unity ...
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Create UI tree view

I want a tree view to appear in the program interface in Unity. I have tree data in my program insomuch that I can print this data in a UI text. However, I want to build a tree view for user in a ...
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c# unity serializatiom deserialization

I am making some modifies in a complex c# unity project. Generally c# project generates a dll file and another unity project is using it. Serialization and deserialization operations works on Android, ...
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Unity AR library (like ARCore, vuforia or EasyAR) that can work with ipcamera

I am searching for a Unity AR library which can work with an IP camera through an HTTPS stream (or something similar), not just an integrated or directly connected camera. It should be used in desktop ...
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