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for software that interacts with the blogging service Tumblr

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A program to backup my Tumblr likes, including text posts

I'm looking to create an archive of my Tumblr likes. I'm aware of TumblThree and the various Ruby projects floating around on GitHub, but those only do images and videos. I need the text posts and the ...
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Self-hosted front-end for social networks

Problem description circa 2016: There exists multiple large social network: facebook (with the focus being on "who you know"), G+ ("topics you're interested in"), tumblr ("anything goes"), twitter (...
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Backup all of own Likes on Tumblr

I am looking for a program that Downloads all images from my likes feed on Tumblr (login required) Works on Mac OS X / Terminal; can also be a browser add-on. If possible, I'd like it to be free
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Download my Tumblr likes

I want to download all Tumblr posts I liked. What to backup? For text/quote/link/chat posts: it must download the main content (i.e., text resp. a link). For photo posts (including photosets): it ...
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