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for software that interacts with the project management software Trello

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Looking for an app or SaaS to allow me to plan the tasks I need to do

Ok, a little context: I have used Trello, Todoist, Jira, Asana, Notion, Target Process and a few others. I believe the ones that are more similar to what I am looking for are Trello and Todoist, as ...
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JavaScript library to allow user collaboration or TogetherJS alternatives

I'm making a Trello clone, i.e a project management web app, and would like to add collaboration functionality so that a user can invite another user and they can work on the same "board"(as ...
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Trello-like Kanban Board for React Native

As stated in the title, I want to use a kanban board in my react native application, but couldn't find any components. I found some packages like and others but ...
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Online project management tool that does not store personal information

Since trello keeps logs of ip addresses (Does Trello keep logs of IP addresses every time someone signs in an account?), I searched for an alternative project management tool that does not but it ...
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OS X client for Trello that supports keyboard shortcut to create new card

I want to optimize the task of creating a new Trello card for a specific board and list. Lots of tools exist for creating cards from a different piece of media (bookmarklet for web, incoming email, ...
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