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Is there a software tool, payment or free that can transcribe live meetings from system audio and not just mp4 files

Is there a software that can do this live and could differentiate the voices, so those would get described as Person1 Person2, with timestamp and what they're saying.
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What's the best YouTube Summary tool up to now? (2024-04-04)

What's the best YouTube Summary tool up to now? (2024-04-04) (in different aspects, summary accuracy, summary length, pricing, user-friendliness, etc.) I have tried these tools: Google Bard ...
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App for kids tracing out words, with clues, even in cursive script

I am looking for an app for Android smartphones for five year olds that have mastered letters and must now learn how to write out words, also as part of sentences, in cursive script. Ideally, the app ...
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Image transcription software

Say I have an image that is handwritten. I'd like to be able to associate text to the image, maybe even line by line (like indexing). In my mind there would be two panes, one with the image and one ...
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looking for a good Linux program for hindi speech to text

I'm looking for a Hindi transcription tool in Linux. It should be able to accept audio files and give textual output. For English, VOSK is pretty good since it recognizes both Indian and US English. ...
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4 answers

Transcribing system audio

Is there any software that will transcribe audio on my local system on the fly? I am essentially after subtitles. I am very hard of hearing. With all this working from home and a global team, ...
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Beautiful visualization of narrated sentences (presentation video)

I've written a long list of soothing thoughts that I want to make into a video that will help my clients relax and recenter in a meditative way. I could make a barebones PowerPoint presentation that ...
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Library/SDK to transcribe video speech to subtitle file

I'm looking for a reliable library/SDK/tool/service to transcribe a given .mp4 video files into timed text (i.e. the speech in the video). Better to be a .srt subtitle format. Is there any such tool ...
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2 answers

Is there any software (Android or Windows 7-10) which can transcribe an audio file to text?

I'm looking for something like Google voice typing, but instead of playing through the speaker and recording through the mic, transcribing directly from an audio file. The file is in wav format, but I ...
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Audio transcription with word-level time-resolution accuracy

The usual transcription softwares (manual or automated) only give you the time-resolution (not sure if the right word) of one sentence or a group of words at least, for example: 00:00:00,000 --> ...
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1 answer

Is there a real-time (streaming) machine transcription service that allows for scripts to be put in as training material for the speech recognizer?

Here's my use case: I have scripts for talks that are 90-95% accurate to what the speaker will actually say. I'm looking for a service where I can upload those scripts, and as the speaker is speaking, ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there any way to merge/combine a video transcription text file and video/audio file to output a timed srt file?

I have a manually transcribed text file of a audio/video file. Additionally, I used autosub to create a srt file that I can add to the video. BUT autosub transcription algorithm is missing about 50% ...
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Transcription software (manually) - shortcut pause/play on keyboard

I'm looking for a transcription software that helps me to trascribe manually audio file. When I write, I'd like to pause and play audio with a keyboard's button. Thank you in advance.
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What tools or resources support collaborative transcription of Russian manuscripts?

In the University of Alaska's Rasmuson library there is a significant unpublished manuscript about Kamchatka by Кири́лл Тимофе́евич Хле́бников. I find Russian cursive challenging to read, so I copied ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Transcriber software for Windows?

Suppose that I am watching some educational movies. for example a course on a university that has been published on the web and I want to write a pamphlet for my self. Since I'm not in the classroom ...
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24 votes
3 answers

Open Source speech-to-text software for audio files in English

I have hundreds of hours of audio files in English that I need to transcript to the same language. Do you know a speech-to-text software that I can use to do it automatically? Even when its automatic ...
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Software to automate a phone call, send DTMF tones, and transcribe the responses

I work at a radio station where we have to fill out transmitter logs. We get the values for the logs by making a phone call to an automated system (land-line phone). Here is the process I'm looking to ...
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Music tune to note decoder

I'm looking for music note decoder for Mac based on the recorded song. So basically the software/app which can transcribe the music into sheet music. I'm considering app for OS X or smart devices ...
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What are some good commercially available services that can do forced alignment of a corrected transcript?

I am looking for commercial solutions for automatically allocating time stamps for a the captions in a transcript. The service should take the transcript (sans the time stamps) and the corresponding ...
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Software that gives closed captioning to YouTube Videos

I make YouTube videos and I want to add closed captioning to my videos. But I'm not a transcriber and I can't afford to hire one. The options for such software overwhelms me. I need software that ...
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Gratis interactive transcript API

I am looking for an interactive transcript API that is available for free/open source and usable for commercial websites. Here are a few examples of the same: JWPlayer CaptionBox Any ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Interview transcription software

What is a good and professional software for interview transcription (academic context)? Both free and commercial. OS: Windows (although Linux is just as fine) Features: Quickest possible turn ...
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