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Social Media Manager with thumbnail generator

I'm looking for a social media management tool that can also generate thumbnails automatically based on a template (just change the text) Bonus point if it can post videos on Youtube. If the thumbnail ...
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Is there a windows software that can play videos in their icons like mac?

Something like this I know Icarus can play thumbnails but I'm wondering if it's possible to go one step further and play ...
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Software for creating thumbnail preview table of all photos in a folder

Is there a Windows program that lets you arrange a batch of photos in a folder into an organized thumbnail preview table, but encapsulate to a 1:1 aspect ratio each thumbnail, and export that table as ...
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Portable File Explorer alternative for Windows 10 that uses its own thumbnail cache?

I am looking for a File Explorer alternative that is: Portable. Generates its own thumbnails cache, separate from the Windows 10 native thumbnails cache. Stores said thumbnails preferably in its own ...
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Export 2D image from 3D FBX file — Thumbnail generator

I am looking for a tool that will allow me programatically generate 2D thumbnails in the form of JPGs or PNGs from 3D objects specifically in FBX format. Microsoft 3D Viewer for example has an "...
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Windows software to view thumbnail(s) inside JPG files

Please recommend software to view the thumbnail(s) stored within the metadata inside JPG (JPEG) image files. I'm not referring to creating thumbnails; instead I'm referring to viewing any thumbnails ...
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View all private video thumbnails sorted by Recording Date on one page?

Is there a user script or browser extension that can show all of my YouTube account's private video thumbnails sorted by Recording Date on one page? I have bulk-uploaded too many and need help ...
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Thumbnails sheet or indexprint generator

I need a software (freeware or open source) for creating thumbnail sheets - indexprints. The idea is that I have a folder with photos (usually 4-5 photos) and I drag them into software window. It must ...
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Media player with thumbnails over timeline

Is there a media player (for desktop) that shows thumbnails of frames at different times like in most popular online videos players now a days? I particularly like's version where ...
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Project's file browser with folder thumbnails for Windows

I need to find a tool for a company to be able to view project folders accross the network from Windows clients. We have an WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS server with a folder that contains numerous ...
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DMS (document management system) in which I can use my own branding

A client of ours needs a shared file and storage management solution. It should serve some 10 different users (in separate locations), and be able to grow in the near future. It must have roles user ...
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automatically generate thumbnail images for documents (via screenshots?)

I have to send reports to internal staff. These reports will be sent via email (Outlook for the most part). New reports are sent out daily. The standard solution would be to send an HTML formatted ...
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