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Team Foundation Server is a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite, offered by Microsoft.

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Is there a free software that stores all logs (checkboxes) and actions taken of the Development team?

Is there a free software that stores all logs (checkboxes) and actions taken of the Development team? When was the task assigned. Actions taken on the task Dependencies on the task Cause of Delays ...
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Connect to Azure DevOps TFS from a Mac

Currently using old version of Eclipse, with the TFS plugin. The plugin is no longer supported in newer versions of Eclipse, and is not actively maintained. Moving to GIT is not an option. Are there ...
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Deploying code to server - Questions

Hello Stack Exchange community, I have some questions that I need you guys to help me with, I will begin describing: So, I am a .Net programmer and the Application that I am developing is based in ...
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TFS Client for windows

Im looking for a standalone TFS client for windows in a similar vein to TortoiseGit or GitHub for Windows. My starting point is visual studio (or standalone team explorer), but im looking for ...
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Automatically push a Git (github) branch to to Visual studio online

Is there a native tool that is pushing all commits of a branch or any commits from GitHub to Visual studio Online without having to do anything manually? Workflow: I develop locally my application. ...
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Tool to visualize merging and branching operations in TFVC

I'm working with Team Foundation Server and its Version Control system on several projects. Within a specific Team Project we've created three branches: Main branch Dev branch, based off Main ...
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TFS to Git migration tool

I use a windows 7 machine. I've to change networks to access the TFS system, which is our central source control system. However, it is being increasingly difficult for me to manage multiple versions ...
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Is there a Code Review Tool that Integrates with Team Foundation Server

We are using Team Foundation Server (TFS), and we need to start doing code reviews. I don't see anything Microsoft makes that supports code reviewing, but if I've missed something that would be the ...
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