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A nice gui terminal with splits for mac?

Back in my linux days with server, I had a complicated set up with a tmux session shared between windows. I'm not doing this sort of work at the moment (less sysadmin, less log trawling, less servers)...
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Terminal editor/pager that allows jumping to particular line based on external command or file?

(First asked on Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.) I'd like to script something so that an existing process viewing a listing file jumps to a particular line. The process might be less or nano or, if ...
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multi-terminal application for windows

I have a machine which has Win10 installed, along with Cygwin, whose terminal I use (mintty). Also, I use that machine for long SSH sessions to other machines, in parallel with work on the machine ...
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Terminal program with multiplexing, for Windows

I'm looking for a terminal program for Windows - like PuTTY - with the following features: Multiplexing i.e. the user can open multiple terminal sessions at the same time and send the same command to ...
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Terminal multiplexer for vim based IDE on Ubuntu?

Which terminal multiplexer should I use for my vim based IDE? Right now I am using tmux. In overall it's quite good. However its somehow painful to get mouse based copy & paste between panes/...
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