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How can I make telephone calls to the US from Canada, free of charge?

Google Hangouts used to let me call USA phone numbers FOR FREE, from my Windows 10 computer in Canada. But Google appears to have terminated Hangouts. I downloaded Google Voice, but it doesn't appear ...
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InfluxDB and Prometheus as backend for metrics with labels. Which one?

this is yet another one of those "which one is better" questions, and the opinionated responses are very much welcome here. To start, currently I am running InfluxDB as a backend for metrics data, ...
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Atom fork without telemetry

I really like the text editor Atom, but it collects a lot of data and transmits it to GitHub and Google. It also uses your MAC address in order to generate a unique identifier which is also sent to ...
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What are the recommended telemetry services for mobile platforms using Xamarin

I have created a Xamarin Forms application. My requirements are the following: send usage statistics to a telemetry service send crash reports to a telemetry service The .Net platform is a ...
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Tool that actually prevents Windows 10 telemetry

Are there any tools that actually prevent all Windows 10 telemetry reports from being gathered, or at the least, from being transmitted? Many tools claim to do this type of thing, but are there any ...
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