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A software to help learning abstract algebra

What kind of programs there are for a math student to solve problems and prove theorems related to abstract algebra?
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Geometry software that calculates algebraic formulas

I am looking for an open source program where I can draw lines, designate parallel constraints, define distances, etc. and then at the end, I can ask "what is this area [between 4 points] in ...
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Software for algebraic computation with geometric objects?

Recently I started to get interested in the a certain kind of geometry, where a body is described based on a set of functions, which are based on irrational numbers. For example consider this cuboid: ...
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I need a mathematical symbolic calculator

I need to do bitwise boolean operators on complex numbers, to find the properties of certain boolean operators, combined with addition and multiplication. I tried matlab, but is totally useless, ...
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A C++/C# library to do both symbolic calculation and non-linear equation solving

TL:DR: Is there a (free, hopefully open source) C++ or C# library to do both symbolic calculation and non-linear equation solving? Details: I am trying write a software library to solve a particular ...
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Looking for Scala or Java library that supports symbolic algebra and step-by-step symbolic solutions

I'm looking for a library in (preferably) Scala or Java that supports symbolic algebra (solving equations in an algebraic way, not just numerically). It would also be really great if it supported ...
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Looking for C++ library that symbolically solves systems of set-subset equations

I'm looking for a library (preferably C++ and open source) which can solve and/or reduce systems of equations about sets and subsets. Note that I'm not asking for something which computes results of ...
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Solve mechanical drawing, defined by geometrical constrains in a symbolic way

I have a mechanical 2D drawing that is specified by certain geometrical constrains and would like to solve it for certain variables (like angles and distances). The end result would be a closed-form ...
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3D geometry arithmetic helper

As a computer graphics programmer, I often have to deal with complex cases of solid geometry. To resolve these cases, I need to find the formula expressing the value that I need depending on my ...
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