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Tracking the process of resolving issues specifically relevant to support issues.

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Looking for web based ticketing system with specific e-mail interface requirements

I am look for a web based ticketing system that uses IMAP to interface with our e-mail service (Google) and has the ability to change what e-mail address the tickets gets responded with. We have two e-...
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Integration of Email to Issue (GitLab)

I'm working with Gitlab CE to maintain my clients websites (and to collaborate with other developers). I'd like to have my clients sending Email to a specific address (lets say [email protected]) ...
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GitHub, but without an account for issue submission (Or a similarly simple bug tracker, I suppose)

I'm part of a constantly changing organization that changes members every 4 years and I'd like to implement a system for users to submit problems with the organization without having to make an ...
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I need a ticketing system where clients can request to me and I can also request to them

In a typical ticketing system, the client or end user submits their request, and then a ticket agent handles the request. I do a lot of web maintenance, and when I come across issues on websites, I ...
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Php support script with external user database integration

We are looking for a support desk software (web-based ticket system) that: Can use an external MySQL users table for its login... Preferably provides language files for translation/...
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Visual Studio Team Services -> Create work item from email

We're running Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) and Office 365 (O365) and we have a bunch of stakeholders/product owners who won't bloody login to the portal and create work items for them selves... ...
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IT support: Tickets and visit-report software

The ticket part I guess is pretty straightforward, so I'll try to explain the second: I recently started to work with a small company: We manage the support for a few different enterprises. When we ...
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What are some good Support or CRM services, with less aggressive 3rd party tracking?

I'm a fan of, but they have a too relaxed attitude about integrating 3rd party services. Sure, that's a feature not a bug for most people, but I personally hate how this leaks user data left ...
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free cloud or on promise sw for customer support

I a looking for a free customer support (help desk + knowledge base) for small team for multiple products with multi-language support (English + Czech is a must) submission of tickets (and preferably ...
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Free cloud help desk for small open source team

1. About us Our team: 2 developers 1 bot sometimes another developers small contribute to our repositories sometimes users create and comment their issues At the time we use GitHub Issues for ...
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Web app for ticketing

I need to find a software (possibly free) where users can login, create a ticket to me and see the status of the ticket. I would like to be automatically notified by email when users create a new ...
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