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Technique to join several photographs into a single one

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Telephoto stitching Android app, to shoot distant flat buildings

I often take pictures of distant buildings with a Pixel6pro Android phone which has a 4x optical zoom (telephoto). The building is typically a bit too high and large to take in a single 4x shot, but ...
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Android app to stitch multiple photos together?

I've found it to be extremely convenient to both snap and crop photo with my phone before uploading it somewhere without the need to copy it over to my computer for editing. The default photo editor ...
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Is there a C++ library I can use to stitch together 16-bit images?

I am working on a C++ project where I need to stitch together multiple 16-bit images which overlap horizontally and vertically, and then save the stitched image. Is there a library which I can use to ...
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Software which can do batch, planar image stitching

I have a 4-axis motorized microscope that takes images of an insect in a 2D raster pattern, and repeats this multiple times while rotating it. Through software like Microsoft ICE, I stitch the images ...
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Panorama Stitcher for Linux

I'm looking for an easy to use panorama stitcher for Linux that doesn't have too many dependencies. I've tried Hugin, but it failed me: often didn't even match the images – and even if I added a ...
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iOS document scanning and stitching from multiple images

Is there an app for iOS that will do one of these? scan a large document by guiding the user to take multiple photos of a document such as a large poster and then combine them automatically stitch ...
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Android app for joining several photographs into a larger flat image

I want to take some large photographs of objects on the floor by taking several images and stitching them together. I've tried out some panorama apps, but while they automatically stitch the images ...
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Normal photo-stitching software?

Please, recommend photo stitching software that really works? Its primary goal should be stitching, not creating panoramas. By stitching I mean determining correspondent points and laying out images ...
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App for iPhone that can stitch images of a whiteboard

When designing software I often draw large images on a whiteboard. The image is often too large to fit on one photo, so I take several pictures with my iPhone, and then stitch them together. ...
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