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Questions tagged [static-code-analysis]

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0 answers

A static analyzer that can prove that some source code will never run under given circumstances

I am looking for a program or script or software library that can take some software sources: // Module: ./myUtils function hello(): void { console.log("Hello!"); } // Module: ./userInput ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Tool for resolving variables/constants values without being executing the java code

I am looking for tool/library to help me parse the actual values of objects/variables/constants of non-compiled Java code. String sql = excludeNotReadyForMatching ? SELECT_RELATED_INVOICE_IDS_BY_POID ...
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source code analyzer for pthread_mutex types (and lock/unlock balancing)

For the RefPerSys project (Linux/x86-64, GPLv3+ licensed), its refpersys-in-c variant, commit 1441e0fa148d, I am seeking a source code analyzer which checks that calls to pthread_mutex_lock and ...
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C++ static code analysis which recommends Const Correctness

I am looking for a static code analysis tool for C++ which will examine the code & inform me of parameters or variables which are not written to, and so can be declared const. Hopefully it will ...
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