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Program to check SSD health performance

I need an advice about what program should I use to check health and performance of SSD Drive. I bought some SSD Drives on outlet in a cheap price and now I would like to check them technically. ...
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Recovering an important Excel file after formatting disk

A friend of mine has just deleted partitions on his main disk through the Windows 10 installer, and has reinstalled Windows 10 on his now clean 256GB Samsung SSD. He backed up most of his files, ...
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How can I move Windows partition from one drive to another without breaking dual-boot setup

I have a PC that has 3 partitions which are C (Windows 11), D (Windows 10) and E (Documents) ** in dual boot setup**. I've bought a new SSD because of capacity issues and I created 2 new partitions ...
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Program that scans your computer and explains what would be best hardware upgrades for it

Is there a program that scans you computer, and shows what upgrades you would get the most out of? One that looks at all aspects from graphics, memory, as well as wifi cards, and network setups? ...
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CLI-based Disk Speed Checking Utility for Linux

I'm looking for a tool that can check SSD speed from the CLI on Ubuntu 20.04. I've already checked out kdiskmark but it won't run without a GUI.
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Generic app for connecting to wireless hard drive

I'm looking for Android and/or Linux based apps/software that will enable connecting to wireless external storage devices e.g. the Seagate Wireless Plus. From what I have read, the hard drives work ...
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How do i install an OS onto an SSD

First off I'm pretty new here. Feel free to correct me with anything or ask me for more information. So I bought an SSD and I'm not sure what to do with it. My goal is to hook it up to my laptop or ...
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Windows application to monitor data I/O per program

Relevant System Info: Win10Pro Samsung QVO 860 2TB 6 HDDs I have recently calculated my system is writing approximately 1.9GB per hour to my new SSD and I wish to log which programs are the most ...
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Software to make HDD to be a lazy copy of SSD?

I want to build a Windows 10 PC with 500GB SSD and 500GB HDD (and other disks, but they are not important in this question). How to make that HDD to be a silent copy of the SSD? I mean all data on ...
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Disk cloning for failing disk

I have a failing disk with thousands of relocated sectors, and a few pending ones. This disk need to be cloned to an SSD of equal size. However, cloning tools fail with a permission denied error ...
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Cache popular files on a local SSD from a large repository of files on a local/LAN spin drive

A friend of mine has a relatively small SSD as his primary drive and he likes to store, in addition to the OS and applications, all his CAD data and other documents. Currently, he saving up for a ...
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Cloning a bitlocked HDD to SSD

I would like to upgrade my corporate laptop to an SSD drive without going through the tedious process of getting our IT team to do it. Can I make an exact copy of my bitlocked system and trick my ...
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SSD Cloning Program

Looking for a program that will Clone SSD's for me. I have 5 Identical systems, 4 running Windows 1 running Linux, I want them all to be on Linux and feel like cloning the ssd will be the best way. ...
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How to enlarge my SSD storage with help from big hard drive?

All this time I store my operating system on SSD and big files in hard disk drive. Say I want to enlarge my SSD storage. It's like speeding up hard disk but the other way round. Basically I want ...
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SSD monitoring software for OS X

After installing SSD to my Macbook Pro, I want to monitor its usage. Must: Show average data written per day Must: Record that data Should: Estimate lifespan of disk
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