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Questions tagged [soundcloud]

for software that interacts with SoundCloud (

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Creating a webapp to share recorded telephonic interviews, what platform to use?

I have these goals in mind: Upload my recorded telephonic interviews, after removing sensitive/ identifying information. People may contribute to upload their recorded interview as well. Optionally ...
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Ultimate multi-source media player. Blend local media with Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, RSS etc

So it's 2018 and I'm wondering, isn't there a media player out there that can handle playback from local and online sources in a single interface? There are projects like Harmony (nagware) or ...
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Downloading while uploading in cloud storage

Is there a cloud storage system that enables to upload video and audio to the cloud. While uploading a third party is authorized to download in real time or near real time the uploaded stream (video ...
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Tool to save the track names and links of a SoundCloud account

I'm looking for a tool to list/save/backup the (public) track names and their links of a given SoundCloud account. For example, at a minimum, given the following web address... https://soundcloud....
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