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SOAP/WSDL Web Services in C and C++

I have to develop a SOAP based web service that use WSDL to describe his functionality. I'm a C/C++ programmer and I'm aware of the existence of SOAP implementations like: Apache Axis e Axis2/C but I ...
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Java tool for automatically generating documentation for SOAP-based APIs?

Is there any Java tool that, given an JavaEE SOAP API, the tool will automatically scan the package containing the endpoints of the service. The tool should also provide access to a route (something ...
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Open source libraries for asymmetric encryption for Android and iOS

I'm looking for open-source libraries for both Android and iOS (Swift) to help implement Asymmetric key encryption. I have the public Key and the library should help with AES-128 (data encryption) and ...
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How to document API (REST/SOAP) client and consumers

I need to document our REST API and have the possibility to do impact analysis : for example I need to know that an API call depend on another API in order to prevent cycle ... I also need to know ...
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open source soap engine for c#

I need an open source C# SOAP engine. Something like wsdl.exe tool the gets WSDL and generate classes. I want to get to know how WSDL pulls out all methods and parameters I want a liberary that gets ...
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Python SOAP client library

I need to write my own client to interact with a service that only exposes a SOAP interface. My preferred language is Python, especially since I've already written a bunch of code that I'll need to ...
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