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Lightweight SMTP Server with TLS support

I have an application that requires an MTA with the following capabilities: be able to receive email for multiple addresses in a single domain, e.g. [email protected], [email protected], and so on. the ...
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SMTP client to send raw unmodified HTML e-mail

This is somewhat similar to Email client to send unmodified HTML emails but it's 5 years old and the product in the accepted answer does not exist anymore. I need a desktop e-mail client for sending ...
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Minimalistic lightweight SMTP application to send e-mails from external software running on Windows

We've got this accounting SW called "Money S4" and the users want a quite simple thing - to send e-mails directly from the app. Unfortunatelly, when you try to do so the standard way: You ...
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Which Mail server application is best for CentOS

I am looking for SMTP, IMAP and POP3 server and also a good control panel to manage, create and delete email accounts, users and domain names. I searched on the web and founded several open source but ...
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Email address verification

We currently have front desk staff collecting client email addresses which leads to more than a few typos, and obviously even if one character is off, the entire address is off. Are there any tools/...
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Antispam MX filter

I have an Exchange Server¹ and I'm looking for an antispam and mailpop service to filter messages before they arrives in my server. Can you suggest a service like this? ¹ Microsoft Exchange Server is ...
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