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Archiving conversations

I want to record conversations made with remote relatives over the internet (or possibly over the phone), to preserve their stories for future generations. I'd like to save disk space, not storing ...
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Skype for Business for Linux Users

I am looking for good alternative(if it is possible) for Skype for Bussines for Linux users. I know about Pidgin trick, about third party software like TelRed. My question sounds: Do any of You ...
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Skype call recorder for Android

I need something for an Android phone (specifically a Galaxy S4) that allows me to record good quality audio of both sides of a Skype conversation. I'm not interested in the video component. There ...
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Skype plugin for sending rich formatted text

When I paste Rich Text Format or HTML text in Linc it will send as it is. Skype instead will loose the formatting. Is there any plugin that prevents the lost of formatting and allows skype to send ...
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Make my laptop think it's on wifi when I'm hotspotting 3G from my phone

I teach lessons over Skype, but my internet isn't very good and after a lot of attempts to improve it I've come to the conclusion that my ISP just isn't able to provide me with reliable internet. I ...
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Force Skype to open on specific display

When using multiple displays on OS X, we get the option to assign applications to one of them: However, Skype happily violates those assignments and always opens on the display on which I last ...
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Skype-compatible Windows software without ads

I am looking for a VOIP app: compatible with Skype: I use my Skype account, see my Skype friends and call them (at least voice; chat and video not really necessary) gratis no advertisements works on ...
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Open source video-conference Skype-Like

I am looking for an open-source video-conference Skype-Like software for Linux Mint 17. the main feature it should have is an end-to-end connection, without having NAT, so a low-level encryption. it ...
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Best in-game overlay for Skype, Steam, and web-browsing

I have trekked the internet for anything that I could possibly find, and have tried the following so far: Overwolf, Steam (of course) Origin In-Game EvolvE hq And probably others, may have forgotten....
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What software can enlarge my webcam on Skype?

I use Skype software installed on Windows 10 laptop. Currently when I video-chat with someone, my webcam (red arrow) is teeny. I prefer free 3rd party software that can enlarge it. I prefer something ...
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I need to integrate Skype For Business SDK's in a React Native app

After Googling a while, I couldn't find any plugin or implementation on how to integrate Skype For Business into a React Native app. I know I can create my own bridge, but I hope to find an out-of-the-...
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Voice video and text chat, screen sharing, conference all in one tool?

I am looking for a software that could fulfill all the following needs : Conference calling with up to 10-15 people Video, Text, Voice chat Groups/Servers/Friend list Screen sharing All of the above ...
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Record my camera (and voice) and my screen side by side

I am using Mac. I would like to record a video, where I am shooting by Mac's embedded camera on the left, and my screen is on the right. On the same time, my voice should be recorded. Does anyone ...
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Skype-like app on OpenELEC Linux

I've OpenELEC (a small Linux distro) installed on a Raspberry Pi 3, for use as a media center. Is there any Skype-like video call application that can be installed on it?
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Need a very specific screen capturing software for recording of gameplay while Skyping

I need a 100% free (no ads, no trial, no limits, no watermarks, etc.) screen capture program that: Can record my microphone and the computer sound at the same time and without the sound from the ...
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Software to recover old Skype chat logs?

I am trying to recover old Skype chat logs from 5 years ago. Nirsoft's old app for this doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have other suggestions?
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Skype in C# (Visual Studio 2015)

I am writing a Database system in C# and Visual Studio 2015 (WPF). I have a table of users that lists their names and their internal telephone numbers. There are two scenarios we would like to achieve,...
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Looking for E2E encrypted voice chat without sockets

I am working for a big corporation from a remote location. The default for voice chat is Skype, which works most of the time alright. Unfortunately because of the VPNs, Firewalls and other networking ...
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