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0 answers

organization document management with oneDrive

What would be best in sharing documents across an organization? OneDrive or SharePoint I think I would like the following attributes: Scripting to eliminate redundancy and auto updates of files ...
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1 answer

Tool for Requirements checking and commenting?

I regularly give and get a list of requirements by email. Typically these requirements require some comments, documents to specific items and responses from different parties. I am thinking about an ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to tackle the Annual cycle?

We are experimenting with Annual cycle in our company for some workloads we have to repeat every week, month, year etc... So far we have tried: Teams calender Microsoft Planner Classic SharePoint ...
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Which Office 365 Product for Product/Service Documentation?

The company I work for uses Office 365 for just about everything. I'm trying to figure out which Office 365 app I should use for storing my department's documentation and help files. I need to be able ...
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What software should I use to build an app that can communicate with SharePoint?

I'm trying to build an app where the user can draw with their finger and have the drawing be placed in an Excel file which is sent to SharePoint. It can either be an android or web application. I ...
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Drag and Drop with sectioned background

Imagine a whiteboard which has a number of sections (a table): Then you have a number of cards/titles/images/whatever which you would like to drag and drop onto. Basically, my area at work do ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Automate the process of running an excel macro on Sharepoint

Is there any way to automate the process of running an excel macro from an excel file in SharePoint without having to do it manually every day? From my understanding, Sharepoint does not have this ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Anyone come across a js calendar that can show custom intervals as rows with vertical layout in resource planner view/mode?

Looking to generate a calendar similar to the one here based on SharePoint list items. Open to using Google Charts or FullCalendar. Would like to be able to set scroll window size in weeks or months. ...
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0 answers

Tool recommendation for versioned, permission controlled custom list management

I'm looking for a custom list management tool, with the following requirements: Custom lists, ability to add new custom fields easily Ability to use either predefined set of values (combo box) or ...
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2 votes
1 answer

A version of for local lan?

Boss constraint: not allowed to store anything in the cloud. Requirements: Version tracking Tags I like the UI of or or google drive, but not sharepoint. Its smarter cleaner ...
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SharePoint alternatives for designing and executing processes

I'm looking for a collaborative web application used for designing and executing various project processes. Suppose that tomorrow I had a requirement to build a tracking application for a project ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Library / Book Lending Software

I'm looking for a software package to manage lending physical books, and potentially other physical items such as computer hardware, optical disks, or tools. Requirements Accessible by at least 100 ...
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