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Typed serialization library across languages?

Suppose there's a server that processes composed data of unknown type. With JSON-schema and Protobufs, the developer converts struct/object definitions into schemas and uses the schemas on the server ...
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Graph de/serialization library supporting many formats

I'm interested in a C++ library for reading and possibly writing graphs and digraphs from and to buffers and streams/files. In other words: A graph de/serialization library. Required features: ...
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c# unity serializatiom deserialization

I am making some modifies in a complex c# unity project. Generally c# project generates a dll file and another unity project is using it. Serialization and deserialization operations works on Android, ...
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What kind of library is available to serialize network traffic to disk?

I want to capture an application traffic and save that to a file so I can then load it on another programs. I need a library that can do partial serialization (don't know the technical name). I mean, ...
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C protobuf-like framework, without malloc

Is there a Protocol Buffers implementation, or alternative, for C99, which works with statically allocated data, without the need for malloc? I.e. if all my structs have fixed length arrays: // this ...
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Human-readable format for storing key–value pairs

I am looking for a format to write key–value pairs, where keys and values are delimited by colons. The values either: follow immediately after the colon (whitespace between the colon and the first ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Transfer a list of programs to another PC

I'm looking for software that can install all my previous programs from one pc to another, with the same windows OS (7 and onwards). I don't want an image, I'm only looking for a program that can do ...
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Efficient storage of vectors for Java

I'm writing an application in Java and would like to store the data. The data in question will be a certain number (may be a few 1000s) of vectors, and each vector would be of different size, but the ...
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0 answers

Flexible, consistent and fast Python serialization library

Specifically, is there a Python 2.7-compatible serialization library that meets the following criteria (most important criteria listed first): Has an API that allows me to customize serialization of ...
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1 answer

Python library for writing JSON piecemeal

I'm searching for a Python 2 library for serializing values as JSON that does not require the entire value to be calculated & in memory before serialization. I'd prefer something streaming/event-...
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Like protobuf, but to text instead of binary

I want a serialization framework that generates source files to multiple programming languages from IDL with forward and backward compatibility, but it should be serialized to text, not to binary. ...
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