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Which text sentiment analysis models have more than the 3 generic outputs?

I am an ug EE student working on my fyp. My fyp involves multimodal sentiment analysis. I was trying to implement the audio-specific portion of my fyp(which involves extracting audio, then extracting ...
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Sentiment Analysis using Java

What are the opensource options for sentiment analysis in Java, preferably one that is compatible with Apache OpenNLP?
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Emotion detection in text using Python

I am looking for libraries in Python that can detect common emotions e.g. happy, sad, angry in text besides just knowing whether a sentence/text is positive or negative. There seems to be a number of ...
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Best NLP Library for German language in Python?

Hello I am facing a project where I have to analyze lots of text data. Its data is not a typical text - it is all business plans. Are there any useful libraries for Python I could use to evaluate the ...
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Sentiment analysis histogram of a movie's human faces

I want to generate a happy/sad/angry/bored/normal histogram of a faces of a movie. The program would Detect human faces Evaluate the sentiment(s) of each face Draw an histogram showing how many ...
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Sentiment analysis histogram of a movie soundtrack

I want to generate a happy/sad histogram of a movie. The program would analyze the music to find out whether it is happy music or sad music, and perhaps also analyze voices/laughs/cries. The movie I ...
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A free Facebook sentiment analysis tool?

Wondering if there's a lightweight sentiment analysis tool out there that's free and works with Facebook. I know there are a few decent free tools that do this for Twitter (Sentiment140 comes to ...
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