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Configurable Data-Visualization based on Json-Schema

I'm looking for a configurable data visualization tool using a json File as data-source. The json schema is not defined yet. But let's say the file will contain data like: time-series data (for ...
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Command line tool that validates YAML file against a JSON schema written in YAML

I'm looking for a YAML validator that can validate YAML files against a JSON schema written in YAML. I found Yamale - but this tool does not use the JSON schema standard but its own schema definition. ...
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Software to assist with validating files against a schema and automatically generate files from database

A company I am working for currently uses BizTalk to gather data from their database and put it into the desired format (EDI X12 834), which is an extremely regulated format that must be created ...
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Detailed knowledge and information labelling API?

Is there some API that would tell me Taylor Swift is an american singer, Jil Sander is a german brand and Mallard is a bird? The closest I can find is Google's Knowledge Graph Search API, but ...
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Python library to create forms from JSON schemas

I know there are several JavaScript libraries to generate forms from a JSON schema (like those mentioned there), but I need to have this work inside a Python project so I would rather not use ...
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