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Any software to prevent an executable from closing others executables?

I'm in search of a windows application that would prevent another application to close all instances of a third application (steam/discord/epic games) : It automatically closes the application I ask ...
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Windows Sandbox for executables

I am looking for a Sandbox system on Windows like nsjail. I found a few software packages as real sandboxes like VMs, but I wrote a server software I would like to additionally sandbox. For example: $ ...
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Linux sandbox that shows which files have been created/modified

I use Gentoo Linux. I need to find out what the program running under root downloads and where it puts the downloaded files. I would also like to have a sandbox for testing programs from unreliable ...
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Interpreter for any (hopefully popular) language written in Javascript

I have a project where I have to execute potentially unsafe code and I thought about using eval and it does work because most of the use cases imply having code written by oneself or other team ...
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Software to get better experiences with "modern" web page

I take steps to minimize the amount of data that can be collected about me, for a variety of reasons. For example, to reduce instances of "identity theft", hacking, etc. I normally use an older ...
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Any sandboxing software that prevents scattered application files?

I'm looking for software that can sandbox applications, but without some of the traditional limitations. This is my use-case: I want to run Node and have it executable so Visual Studio Code can ...
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Can websites be opened without cursor detection by using cloud services or remote access tools?

Is there a way to open a website and move the cursor to another screen or browser on my laptop without the website detecting it? Typically, this can be achieved by using remote access tools to connect ...
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