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1 answer

Are there any adblockers for Safari that work?

Requirements: Blocks at least the ads in front of YouTube videos
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1 vote
0 answers

Extension for safari that allows to block some keywords

BlockSite is a practical extension for Chrome that allows blocking specific URLs and specific terms. So that if a web page contains blacklisted terms, the entire webpage gets obfuscated. Unfortunately,...
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1 vote
1 answer

JavaScript Debugging on macOS

So I have a web app that I created in Visual Studio, and we use it on all main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge/ IE). We also have an app on the play store/ app store but we want to get away ...
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2 answers

What to use to save website offline including externally-referenced media?

I am trying to save a site that includes externally-referenced media in javascript media players, flash players, HTML5 media players. Using Chrome Save As, the external references are being preserved,...
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Software to debug Safari-specific website issues as a PC user

Suppose a modern web application where OSX users report an issue that occurs only in Safari, but not in Chrome or other browsers. Suppose also you work primarily on a PC with Windows. What software ...
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0 answers

Speed Dial for Safari for OS X

I am looking for a Safari for OS X extension with features similar to the following extensions: Speeddial2 for Chrome or Speed Dial for Firefox It needs to have the following functions: Multi ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Safari extension to notify when downloading is completed

I am using MacOS Yosemite. There is a default notification, which is that the Download folder "jumps" once. But most times it is easily overlooked Is there an extension to notify when downloads are ...
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3 votes
1 answer

iOS app (or similar) to view source of web page

I am looking for an iOS app that lets me easily view the source of the web page in Safari. Requirements: preferably free (but no more than £1 if not free) runs on iOS 8 (preferably 7 as well) view ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Safari extension that saves a window's tabs

I'm looking for an extension that can save a window's worth of open tabs and reopen those tabs later. I often find myself with a window with 8+ tabs open to various pages on a subject. Researching ...
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