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Questions tagged [rust]

Rust is a statically typed programming language based on C and C++.

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Rust library to serialize OWL in Manchester Syntax

I am writing an RDF browser in Rust based on the Sophia library which works great for knowledge bases, but ontology descriptions written in OWL are displayed as multiple RDF triples, which is not ...
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Proxy Resolver library in Rust

Currently, are there any stable proxy library written in Rust? There are some alternatives in Java like proxy-vole which has the following abilities: Retrieve proxy pac script from any operating ...
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Rust library for in memory times series data cache

I am looking for an open source Rust library for an in memory time series data cache. I am aware of time series data servers, such as InfluxDB and Redis Time Series. But I am looking for code that ...
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is there some profiling and coverage library for rust?

This question is related to a common criticism of the model for sharing computing resources on blockchains (often seen on economics), based on accounting of participation of various users on the ...
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Which Platform/Language to use for heavy computing/ML tasks?

We have built an MVP in Python Data ecosystem, but the performance is much less than desired. Our approach: multiprocessing module for task parallelisation (which is awkwardly done in Python - pickle/...
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What free static analysis tools are available for Rust?

My need is to understand an existing Rust codebase. I have the ability to see the module/trait/function hierarchy using rustdoc, and to quickly jump to refs and defs using VS Codium (privacy ...
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Distributed build system for Rust

I'm looking for a distributed build system for Rust that: Is free, gratis and opensource Is cross-platform and cross-compiles (from ARMv6, ARMv7, i386 and amd64 Linux and amd64 Windows for amd64 ...
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Rust framework without "object cannot be sent between threads safely"

Is there (preferably asynchronous) Rust web framework without being prone to errors like object/future cannot be sent between threads safely ?
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Bitcoin programming on Raspberry Pi 4/Raspbian

I want to setup a full bitcoin node on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian and make my own local requests in C/C++ (no client connection to a remote node). What would be the best library to do that ? ...
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