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Looking for an open source JVM based high performance (thus compiled) expression language - not able to find

I own a product which validates data in massive volume and has a bespoke expression language to enable flexibility of configuration, and high performance. We are rearchitecting after a number of years ...
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Data validation library in Python and user defined rules

I'm starting a solution that matches data rows (importing a csv file initially) from created rules. It would be like an Excel filter solution with some specific options for date and number formats. ...
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Business Rules Engine for Python

I need to migrate my current Business Rules Engine to another programming language and maintain same functionality. Now I'm using Drools. On my current design I have the following: A class with a ...
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System Check Engine

I'm looking for a python engine that I can be used to run sophisticated system checks (checking installed software, version of a library, etc.). I'm looking for an engine with the following abilities: ...
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Matchmaking software

what are software's available that provide a matchmaking service. I.e if I have a user with specific attributes(income, age, nationality,....) he gets matched with a relevant University(high rank,...
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