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Chrome extension to copy the link & URL of the page as a single line Rich Text Format hyperlink to the clipboard

I'm looking for a Chrome extension that will copy both the URL and title of the current page to the clipboard. It should copy both the title and URL in the form of Rich Text Format. The title is the "...
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Lean and fast RTF (Rich Text File) editor with more features

Often, plain text files are sufficient to get an idea across (see this question). But sometimes you need more. But not so much more that you need to get all the hamsters together to fire up a ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Java library to convert RTF file to DOCX/PDF file

I want to convert RTF file to PDF using java library. What are good open source java libraries which can be used to convert RTF to PDF file? I don`t want to use OpenOffice JodConverter library as we ...
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Skype plugin for sending rich formatted text

When I paste Rich Text Format or HTML text in Linc it will send as it is. Skype instead will loose the formatting. Is there any plugin that prevents the lost of formatting and allows skype to send ...
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Free tool capable of advanced multiple substitutions in non-Ascii documents (at least RTF)

As I am looking for a software capable of very simple thing, bulk search and replace, I expected to find one with ease. Alas, either my google-fu proved too weak, or my assumption was wrong. There is ...
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Evernote with custom properties. Notion with full offline support

I need a desktop RDBMS to conveniently manage a bundle of rich text notes -- CRUD, adding tags, search inside notes, backups, etc. In a way, I need a light, abridged, desktop only version of Evernote ...
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Windows RTF Editor That Doesn't Mangle OS X/macOS TextEdit RTF List Formatting?

When I open rich-text files created in OS X's/macOS's TextEdit on Windows in WordPad or Microsoft Word, neither bulleted/unordered lists' nor numbered/lettered/ordered lists' formatting transfer over ...
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Comparing RTF files and returning the difference in an RTF format

I am looking for a STDIN/STDOUT supported program that can return the difference (preferably in RTF format) between two RTF files or strings, similar to how GitHub tracks changes between two text-...
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PDF to RTF File Converter

I need a piece of software to convert a PDF file to an RTF file. It should preferably have a command-line interface or a GUI that supports batch-converting files. Windows is preferable but Linux is ...
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Freeware program to convert big PDF eg 200MB PDF, to RTF, and compatible with Windows 7?

Is there a freeware program to convert a big PDF (e.g. 200MB) PDF, to RTF, that is compatible with Windows 7?
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Fast text editor / word processor for Windows that supports basic tables

I have been using Jarte Plus as my go-to text editor / word processor to create and edit simple documents. I like that it's a portable application, very fast to load, and has a small memory footprint....
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Android RTF editor

For many years I have used WordPad to make notes about almost everything, and now have hundreds of RTF files on my PC. I can access these (via cloud backup) with a tablet but cannot view/edit these ...
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