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Software to recover corrupted mp4 videos

I have some collections of old films, downloaded with torrent, half of them seems corrupted because when I try to open one of them (with vlc or mediaplayer) it starts but I can't navigate it and the ...
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Repair damaged videos that tend to have infinite times

On Android 10 Samsung Mobile I used a camera app with API 2 enabled ( ? ) . This caused corrupt video recordings. In most such corrupt videos I can see that the time length is infinite even though ...
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How to check for corrupted data files?

I have millions of files on a filesystem. Most of them are of mainstream file formats (JPEG, DOCX, ZIP, MP3 etc.). Some of them are corrupted, i.e. some blocks of the file have been overwritten by ...
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App like Instacart for ordering handyman repair services?

If there is already an app out there that helps people order simple home repair services, can someone please let me know? I'm really tired of browsing my printed yellow book and calling out of date ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Android app to scan and fix SD card (no root)

Is there an app for Android which early diagnoses (bonus point: also fixes) any problems with flashcard storage media, especially damaged/undreadable files (similarly to CHKDSK.EXE)? Android 9 or ...
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OGG file length fixing program (to turn OGG files with 1:45 audio length to correct length)

I have an OGG song file that I want to play with StepMania dance program on my computer but it is one of those songs that were patched so that it could be played on any of the In The Groove Arcade ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Auto Repair Garage Manager

I need some help to find a Auto Repair Garage Manager web based solution. It will be great if possible to be a CMS based (Maybe WordPress, because I'm familiar with it.) I'm looking for something that ...
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1 vote
0 answers

PDF Repair Tool (Gratis)

I'm looking for a gratis PDF repair tool, preferably for Windows. If there is a great one for Android, that would be acceptable too. I've done a fair amount of searching, and I haven't found ...
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1 answer

Software to help diagnose hardware problems

I am looking for recommendations of software that can be used to help debug hardware problems. This kind of software should be able to run against a computer when connected to one of the ports (or run ...
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LiveUSB distro or BootCd or Recovery Disk for repairing NTFS partitions

I want to get away from Windows and switch to Linux, but Linux was unable to repair corrupted NTFS partitions. I want a LiveUSB or BootCD or Recovery Disk which is capable of repairing NTFS ...
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0 answers

What is a good alternative to spinrite for OS X?

Currently, SpinRite does not support OS X...or only supports it through a VM which means much of it's functionality will not work. In short, SpinRite offers repair and recovery and preventative ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Tool to validate the integrity of my data files

I am a little concerned about one of my disk drives and afraid that I might be overwriting good backups of it with corrupt files. I would like a tool which recursively scans all directories and tests ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Good non-commercial hardware diagnostic CD?

I fix and optimize computers for myself and my friends, so I am looking for a good Live CD that I can just pop into a computer and it will run tests of all the major hardware components in order to ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Automatically repair GRUB on Linux?

I managed to blow out GRUB on Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu 14.04 is a particular Linux distribution. There are plenty of software tutorials that attempt to explain how to repair or restore GRBU for Ubuntu. ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Tool for checking and repair FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, HFS and HFS+ file systems under Linux OS Family

fsck.vfat (dosfsck) can check FAT32, but can't repair most of the errors. ntfsfix can check, but to repair often suggest to use Windows and chkdsk from it. I don't know how to check and repair ...
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