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Looking for OCR software to extract heading, sub-heading and date from scanned image files

I have scanned in 100s of documents and want to organise them into an existing folder structure. To do this I want to determine the heading/title and sub-heading and any date in the scanned image ...
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1 vote
2 answers

I need a video player that allows renaming the video file within the application

I often work with videos and need to rename the videos while watching them one by one or delete them. Is there any player that allows renaming and deleting the video without having to search it in the ...
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2 answers

Digital light table for visually sorting/ordering image files before renaming them on Linux

Let me start by noting that this has already been answered for Windows at A program to sort and rename photos (drag & drop). I might go for that in the end, but I'm still wondering if there's ...
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2 votes
3 answers

FOSS Image viewer for Linux with easy rename capability

I'm looking for an image viewer for Linux/Unix desktop environments - no need for it to be fancy or anything - but with a particular feature: As I view an image, I should be able to rename it. Somehow,...
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1 answer

Software to rename multiple files in ascending numerical order regardless of file type?

I want to take all my iphone images and videos and back them up in my google drive. I have all the files in chronological order, but there are gaps between most of their file numbers because I delete ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Gratis Windows File Rename utility

DropBox has messed me up :-( Suddenly, a lot of my file.extension files have been renamed as file (Mawg's Laptop's conflicted copy 2020-01-15).extension and replaced by older versions (?!). I need a ...
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Batch rename application for Windows

I'm looking for a tool for batch rename in windows with the following features: number files and folders shorten long file names, rename file extensions supports metadata such as Exif, IPTC, and ID3 ...
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