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Browser extension to suggest forums, tailor questions, and post questions for AIs

I am using AIs, such as OpenAI's Copilot and Phind, for development purposes. These Artificial Idiots sometimes provide incorrect or incomplete answers, and in such cases, human experts have an ...
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Where can I see how many comments a user wrote on Reddit?

I'm looking for a program or webservice to see where can I see how many comments a user wrote on Reddit. doesn't seem to have the option anymore to view how many comments a ...
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1 vote
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Is there a browser extension to show upvote and downvote counts in reddit?

Reddit's redesign shows net votes (upvotes minus downvotes) and percentage upvoted (upvotes / total votes) on post pages, from which it's quite simple to work out how upvote and downvote counts. Is ...
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Chrome extension for uncollapsing all Reddit comments on the post page

Given Reddit post which consist large amount of comments such as this one: IAmA: We are Edward Snowden and the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer. I'm looking for Chrome compatible extension to scan the page for '...
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Tweet-deck-like applications for Reddit, Github and Stack Exchange

I really like the tweet-deck model for seeing everything you are subscribed to in one place and with live updates. Are there any applications like this for Reddit, GitHub and Stack Exchange? (Or any ...
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App that lets me read my "Saved" Reddit posts offline on Android?

I have tried many apps but am frustrated as I have yet to find a tool that can allow me to view my "Saved" posts from Reddit to read on my commute. Any tips? I have Evernote with the clipping ...
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