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Text Generator for Latin-1 Character Set

I'm working on a hobbyist project and currently I need to generate some human-readable plain text for testing. The character set should preferably be Latin-1, and I'm fine with it being limited to ...
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I need a very good dynamic random number generator

I am doing research and I need a RNG (preferably an API) which generates very good numbers dynamically, or provides the exact date/time the number was generated. I have looked at the ANU Quantum RNG ...
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Recommendation on libraries for Elliptic Curves

I would like to program my cryptographic scheme which uses some computations on elliptic curves. I coded it using sagemath package, which is a python library. It is simple but very slow. I need to ...
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Random, truly memorable password generator

I'm looking for a password generator that: Generates secure, truly memorable passwords such as: week826]Welcome Stick+heavy:359 Red6.32inch.Who Simple9983$front;Has niece57]Double%his88 ...
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A reproducible pseudo-random library for C++

Since C++11, the C++ standard library contains high-quality facilities for random number generation, divided into engines (things that produce random bits) and random distributions and algorithms that ...
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Lightweight cross-platform cryptography-quality RNG

I am looking for a lightweight (< 500 SLOC) random generator that's suitable for cryptography. This needs to be C code that I can include in the SlipRock library (which I am developing). Currently ...
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How can I create large random images?

For the purposes of this question, "random" will include pseudorandom and quasirandom alternatives. This page allows you to create a pseudorandom image of size 256 by 256, determined by the image ...
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Truly random number generator API

My question builds on the Stack Overflow question How can I generate truly (not pseudo) random numbers with C#? Is there a web API or something that can generate truly random numbers that I can use ...
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CSPRGs in Python

I want to implement a CSPRNG for a stream cipher. I've tried implementing the BBS, but I've heard that it needs very big seeds to be secure. Is there a function in some library for Python 3 that adds ...
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