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Web service to retrieve URL from online streaming radio station?

I am looking for a web service to retrieve the URL of an online radio streaming station. This would be an example of such a station that I want to get the streaming URL for: https://www.accuradio....
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Produce a heatmap of Wi-Fi intensity using GPS

There are wardriving apps that will log all APs your phone can see and plot them as points on a map. There are "site survey" applications that will make a heatmap of your particular AP, where you ...
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Player for recording and listening to internet radio - alternative to Screamer Radio

I want to find alternative to Screamer Radio, that was not in active development since 2010. Key requirements: freeware, preferable open source support of all popular radio stream formats built-in ...
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Add wearable to RFM69 network

My goal is to add a wearable (wristband) to my rfm69 (sx1231) 868MHz network. The network consists of several rfm69 nodes in a star topology in FSK mode. The wearable should notify the user via ...
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Software for a real-world simulation of a radio link

Is there any open source software/library (in any language) that can perform real-world simulations of a radio link? For "radio link" I mean the connection between two 5.8 GHz wifi modems, ...
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Non-internet radio service for iOS

I know that with the earpods/earbuds an iPod can become a radio listener (at least with the 6th Gen iPod Nano) and I understand the same can be done with an iPhone. What I'm looking for is a free ...
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Online radio for Ubuntu

Must have: Support for web proxy access Possibility to load custom streams Should have: Understandable UI But only command line is also option Possibility to also play local sources Nice to have: ...
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