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How to convert PDF to PSD with layers

I have designed a cover book with TikZ which the output is normally a .pdf file. Now the publisher wants me an open-layered .tiff and although I know how to convert it to files like .jpg or .psd, but ...
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Software for converting an HTML page to PSD with layers

I am looking for a tool to convert an HTML page to its basic components (images, text) and put each of them to photoshop layer. It's something similar to a layer aware screen grabber for web pages ...
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psd to png - software or website that converts all the components?

I have a PSD file with a lot of components. The only site I found for converting it to components is Zamzar, but it doesn't allow me to download all of the components at once and the other sites/...
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Edit Adobe Photoshop PSD file on Linux

I have a design that was provided in Photoshop PSD format, and I want to modify the design, but I don't have Photoshop. How can I modify PSD on Linux? Migrating from PSD to SVG is the best solution ...
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