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Program to set a priority order between processes for uploading data on Windows 10

Several processes are uploading data. I am looking for a program that allows me to set a priority order between processes for uploading data on Windows 10. E.g., processing1.exe get 90% of the ...
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parallel processing

We asked our dear friends, there are several idle systems that we want to use with our network of other active systems, 4 weighing software applications, in parallel processing and maximum processing ...
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What tools exist for documenting and sharing processes?

I'm looking for a tool that allows me to document and share processes for working. Processes can contain lots of things - work products, best practices, publications, regulations, roles, tasks and so ...
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Flexible Open Source ERP System/Framework that works on top a Graph Database?

As the title suggests, I am looking for an open source, graph-based ERP system that is "as flexible/customizable as it gets". Basically, I need to be able to implement my own data structure (ie. ...
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Process Monitor equivalent for Raspberry

I'm trying to write a shell script that does all sorts of configuration for me that I always do on a clean Raspbian image. I find that I do many things with tools that use either some CLI menu or ...
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Software for throttling CPU power (for certain processes)

I am looking for a software which can throttle the CPU power for certain processes. Especially for Internet Explorer and embedded ads in Adobe Flash. Background: A customer, who is a translator, ...
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Software for after sales process optimization

We have a sales team of about 10 people that gets customer calls (oders, requests for quotes, etc.) by phone, by email oder by fax. Today every customer request is printed out on paper and put in a ...
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Always-on visual indicator to denote elevated processes in Windows

First off, I realize there are a number of ways to determine whether or not a process is elevated, but I'd like to be able to tell at a glance. Simple question: Is there a program that will add a ...
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