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0 answers

Is there a way to measure the energy consumption of a program along with its max. temperature?

I have a program written in C or Python that uses multithreading for parallelisation. I was wondering if there was an open-source GNU program that could help me print out the total (and at regular ...
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Power consumption of the built-in monitor on my laptop

I am looking for a program that can show the power consumption of my built-in monitor on my laptop (MSI GS76, Windows 10). LocalCooling (gratis, non-portable) (mirror) sums up all the displays, but I ...
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App to schedule Android power off / on at specified times?

As per New Android 9 'phone - where is “schedule power off / on”? (now closed, with no answer, so presumably unanswerable), I go a new 'phone and can't find a setting to schedule power off /on ...
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Tool to keep track of which dynamic power management technique is being used by my Linux machine

I have read that the OS on computers uses one of the Dynamic Power Management (DPS) or Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) techniques to reduce power consumption by a process. I want to know if ...
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Android app to correctly indicate battery wear

Please recommend an Android app that correctly indicates battery wear. What is battery wear? After a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery has been repeatedly discharged and recharged, it will no longer hold ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Is there any app for windows 10 to monitor in real-time how much power is being consumed?

Looking for something to replace Microsoft's Joulemeter*, which isn't available anymore - preferably free & works on windows 10 What it did that I am looking for is display in real-time how many ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Prevent Windows from shutting down or rebooting

I am looking for a program that reliably prevents the computer from shutting down. This can be useful in various cases: during PowerPoint presentations while running a huge download over night when ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Software to quickly change WiFi power

Can anyone recommend gratis windows software to quickly increase/decrease WiFi power? Currently, the way to perform this task involves lengthy steps: Open Control Panel. Select Power Options or ...
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