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Questions tagged [postscript]

for software that manipulates or interacts with PostScript (PS) files

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Document viewer like ViewerJS, that can embed an <iframe> in an html page, but for postscript files

I'd like to display postscript files within <iframe>'s on my html pages, pretty much exactly like I'm already doing for pdf files using with a tag something like   &...
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1 vote
2 answers

PostScript / DVI / PDF all-in-one viewer for Windows

Is there a PS / DVI / PDF all-in-one viewer for Windows? I thought GhostScript would be able to do this but I wasn't able to open DVI files. (Admittedly I have no understanding of these file formats.)...
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2 votes
1 answer

PostScript viewer for Mac

I am looking for a PostScript viewer for Mac. It must be a GUI program with a relatively convenient interface. I only need to view single page EPS files, no need for multi-page general PostScript. ...
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