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3 votes
6 answers

Tool to reveal credentials in unencrypted POP3 connection

What tool you can recommend to reveal credentials transferred in unencrypted connection to POP3 server? I would prefer free and possibly open-source solutions. Platforms are Linux and/or Windows.
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2 answers

How to recover mail server from POP3 mails?

Unfortunately I've used POP3 to synchronize my mails from with Thunderbird Mozilla Firefox (incoming mails: port 995) and (outgoing mails: port 465). The box delete ...
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2 answers

backup multiple email address with restore capabilities

How do I back up my Web-Based Email Accounts? I have multiple Email addresses and each of them has multiple folders. I want to have categorized backups automatically every 1 week. is there any ...
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POP3 to IMAP Server

I have a GoDaddy hosting account with a few POP3 e-mail accounts. (This is for personal use.) I want to transition to IMAP - to keep all devices synced. However there is an extra charge for that which ...
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I need a POP3 to Office 365 connector

My company has very strict rules for mail protocols. We use a piece of software that is only able to connect to a POP3 account, and that protocol is not allowed. Could I find some kind of ...
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Need Email Client ASAP Please

I would like a email client that lets me add about 10-15 different emails and manage them. I want it to be online. I have searched for hours to find one but cant. Please help. Thanks.
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